Team Ninja have just revealed some interesting information regarding the PC version of Nioh 2, which will come packed with all the DLC content released thus far, and over 14 different weapon types, each with their own playstyle.

The complete edition will be the definitive package, letting PC players finally take on some of the toughest Yokai in this souls-like Action RPG experience. Unlike the previous title, Nioh 2 lets players create their own characters that are half-human and half-yokai mercenaries.

The two weapons introduced in the DLC expansions, the Splitstaff and the Fists, will be available from the start of the game alongside the Swords, Dual Swords, Spears, Switchglaives, Axes & Hammers, Kusarigamas, Odachis, Tonfas, Hatchets, Bows, Hand Cannons, Rifles, Yokai Weapons and Blessed Weapons.

The variety of selectable weapons all feature their own in-depth skill trees, offering deep flexibility for players to adapt the playstyle of each weapon in their favour. Furthermore, players will be able to continue the game with DLC expansions once they finish the main storyline.

It is slated for a February 5 release next year (2021) on Steam for £49.99/$49.99. As you can see the price is a little high, and we were hoping like all other delayed complete editions that make their way onto the PC, would be priced more reasonably, as it’s not technically a brand new game. Not to mention, there is no region pricing for UK, so gamers there will end up paying relatively more.

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