Inspired by the likes of Alien, Pandorum and Phillip K. Dick novels, Cryospace plunges players into the darkest corners of space as they must scavenge, fight and survive from overwhelming situations and lifeforms.

Originally sent to colonise far off planets, you awake on a gigantic ship far away from any planet or vessels. Worst of all, you have risen from your cryosleep long before anyone else, and find the ship under attack by extra-terrestrial life-forms.

As such, it falls to you to find your sleeping crew mates, and wake them up to form a colony so you can defend the ship and find a way to obliterate the relentless threat. However, it won’t be easy running a colony, as it falls to you to scavenge, and distrubute rations. Essentially, you get to choose who lives and dies.

It is being developed by Kuklam Studios, and will be coming for the PC via Steam, sometimes in 2022. The game looks really cinematic so far, and features puzzles, exploration and tactical combat where other than shooting everything, you can also use traps against your enemies.

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