Spirit of the North is finally available on the Playstation 5, coming with a host of enhancements that make it stand out on the next gen console. Some of the features include:

  • Explore the world with 2 new and platform-exclusive skins – Black Marble and Champagne.
  • Fall into complete immersion as you make your way across stunning 4k landscapes, complete with remastered textures, lighting and objects, complete in 60FPS.
  • Solve environmental puzzles to change the world around you, using ancient powers bestowed upon you by The Guardian of the Northern Lights.
  • Follow the mysterious Spirit Fox across a land left in ruin as you discover more about a lost civilization.
  • Moving orchestral soundtrack featuring 14 original compositions.

Spirit of the North follows an ordinary fox as they are interwined with the guardian spirit of the north, thrusting them on a beautiful and perilious journey that sheds light on the spirit’s past.

The digital verison is now available whilst the physical release will follow on the 4th of December. A signature edition was also announced, which will release alongside the physical edition. The game has been developed by Infuse Studio and Merge Games.

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