In the early days, the videogame landscape was an altogether different beasts, with tons of different studios chasing wild ideas and converting them into unique videogames, likes of which we don’t much see today.

Midway Games, the legendary creator of the Mortal Kombat series was one such studio, churning out hit after hit under the leadership of industry luminary Eugene Jarvis along with Mark Turmell and Ed Boon.  Insert Coin looks at the creators and their creations, including iconic industry-defining games like Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam!

The story behind their games is really interesting as well, since Midway were one of the first game developers to really push for more mature videogames, that mirrored the violent aesthetic of reality.

Directed by Joshua Tsui, the documentary will be available on Alamo’s On Demand service on the 25th of November, and will feature various guests, including Paul W.S. Anderson, Ernest Cline and Warren Davis.

Retro videogame fans should especially give it a go, since it looks at the rise and fall of Midway and its cultural impact on the industry that has helped define decades of conversation surrounding maturity and violence in videogames.

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