The next generation of raids will begin with Deep Stone Crypt, allowing players to team up and take on the escalating darkness through challenging objectives. It will be the first raid from the Beyond Light expansion.

A new raid also means the race to see who can complete it first, with clans all around the world competing to be the world’s first to tame it. There are a few restrictions that players will have to adhere to to join the raid:

  • Contest Mode will cap players at 20 Power below each encounter for 24 hours.
  • Artifact Power will be disabled during Contest Mode.
  • 1230 Power is your team’s goal to be at the cap for all the encounters.  
  • Being above 1230 will not provide additional advantage in the final fight

Players who finish the raid before the first of December will also be eligible to purchase the Europa-ready raid jacket from the Bungie store through Bungie Rewards. The World First raid race for Deep Stone Crypt kicks off at 10 AM PT/6 PM GMT on 21 November.

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