The Norse mythology-inspired sci-fi shooter, Gunnhildr is now available for everyone to get their hands on, pitting you against the powerful elders of Nifelheim.

The game is a narrative driven rogue-lite experience with fast-paced combat that rewards skilled play and puts an arsenal of special weapons in your grasps. The developers plan to introduce 12 different weapon types, as well as over a hundred Power-Ups for the final release.

For now, through the early access players will be able to use 5 of the planned weapon types as well as navigate the first of four planned environments. The game’s narrative currently relies on replayability.

Developers RatDog Games plan to release the complete version sometimes in 2021, putting you into the shoes of an exiled heroine, as she must save her people from a dangerous natural resource being abused by powerful elders. You can check it out on Steam.

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