The makers of Anna are back for another serene nail-biting horror experience with Nascene – Anna’s Songs, a project that has just attracted 2 major talents, who have worked on properties such as Alien, Batman Arkham and Halo.

Nascence takes place in Reluné, a seemingly picturesque town inspired by the Aosta Valley in Italy. On location photogrammetry is used to really bring the setting to life, along with a fully dynamic lighting system to create a haunting, cinematic atmosphere. As mentioned, they have had 2 major talents join the team, Andrei Szasz and Paul Bolden
Andrei Szasz is an internationally renowned character artist who worked at the highest levels of movie and game production. His previous works include modelling creatures and characters for movies such as Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, and for games such as Fable III (Lionhead), Middle-earth: Shadow of War (Monolith Productions), Halo Wars 2 (Microsoft Studios), and The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan (Supermassive Games).

Paul Boulden on the other hand, is a multi award winning cinematographer and lighting artist. He started his career at Bullfrog Productions, then moving on to work with some of the most prestigious game development studios as Cinematic Director and Lead lighting artist. His resume includes an impressive collection of triple A titles, including the Batman Arkham series with Rocksteady/Warner Brothers and the Dark Pictures series with Supermassive games.

I was a huge fan of Anna, which had one of the best videogame themes with a story that was equally dark as it was beautiful. Whilst the next game won’t require understanding of Anna, I hope that the contrasting blend of tranquility and darkness will be present here as well.

Nascene follows Thomas who travels to the picturesque place in order to eradicate a dark cult. However, Thomas will find himself over his head as danger starts finding him around every corner. It will be available for PC and next generation of consoles sometimes next year.

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