It is always interesting to see people overlap from different career paths, and bring some of their best knowledge to the world of videogames, giving us experiences that are as unique as they are informed about the subject matters they deal with.

Fearmonium is one such game, which is being made by a Psychologist who also happens to be a self taught artist. It is a 2D metroidvania-platformer, that takes place in the repressed inner world of a young boy dealing with trauma. The game deals with themes of Depression, Anxiety and Fear.

The art-style looks really polished, and seems to fit well within the afformentioned themes. As mentioned before, The game is developed by one person – Slava Gris, and inspired by music from Expecte Amour.

The game is currently listed on Steam, where players who are interested can wishlist it. The developer has also posted one of their first dev-diary videos that may be worth a watch. No release date has been set in stone yet, but it’s expected to be out sometimes in March, next year.

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