A trailer has been released for the original soundtrack to XIII, featuring an interview with the returning composer, Lionel Gaget. He revisits his XIII soundtrack creation process and explains his choice of instruments made to fit the game’s intentions giving the title a very unique jazzy mood. The first single was also released for XIII on Spotify recently.

Based loosely on Belgian graphic novels of the same name, XIII is a Bourne-Esque thrill ride that follows an amnesiac whose only clue to his past life is the XIII tattooed on his collarbone, and his lethal survival skills. It will also feature the iconic soundtrack and voices from the original game!

The remake will be available for the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on the 10th of November, with a Nintendo Switch release planned for 2021. It is being developed by PlayMagic and published by Microids.

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