Blair Witch was easily one of my standout horror games from last year, combining some great characters (especially your canine companion Bullet), memorable music and a terrifying scenario.

Which is why, I am glad to see that it has made its way to the Oculus Rift, bringing along with it a lot more interactivity in its gameplay and mechanics. Now you can finally pet and play with Bullet in immersive VR!

We have been given a code courtesy of Evolve and Bloober, and have been playing the Oculus Quest 2 version for review. Expect our Oculus Quest 2 impressions as well as the Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition sometimes next week!

In the mean time you can now grab it on the oculus store for the Quest 2, but more VR platforms will be supported soon. Both the original and VR versions were made by the talented Bloober Team who seem to be busy with a lot of horror projects!

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