When Insomniac mentioned that the remaster for their mega-hit Spider-Man would be getting a graphical update, many were not expecting them to completely change how Peter Parker looks.

Whilst I don’t necessarily dislike the new likeness for Peter, I did get very attached to the original model. Actor John Bubniak was the original reference for the character. For comparision, here is what the original looked like:

Wanna know an interesting fact, John Bubniak is an actor who did the motion  capture/likeness of Peter Parker in the Spider-Man ps4 game, many people  don't know about this so might as

The new actor is Ben Jordan, who Insomniac picked to better match the voice actor’s performance. There is also a good chance that the old face was not compatible with the lighting rework or something similar, so it probably had to be changed for technical reasons.

Hopefully we will find out more about this before the remastered is released alongside Miles Morales on the PS5 by the 12th of November.

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