Our highlight today is the charming looking adventure being developed by Punk Notion. They are comprised of people from The Farm 51, who had previously made Get EvenIf you haven’t played that game yet, you should definitely give it a look. It is easily one of the best psychological thrillers available today and is on sale at the time of writing this article (£6.24/$7.49).

The Last Show of Mr.Chardish is a first-person adventure game, where you will have to solve unique puzzles that shed light on the life of the titular theatre director. The story follows Ella, who returns to the theatre he was involved in, following a trail of breadcrumbs as she celebrates his accomplishments and milestones through a fantastical journey down memory lane.

At Tokyo Game Show recently, it was announced that the full game will be getting a Japanese localisation as well. Hopefully, opening the door for more fans to experience this game in their native language.

There is a free prologue currently available on Steam, giving you a taste of an earlier version of the game. The full game is slated for release later this year, and those interested can put it on their wishlist.

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