I remember all the days spent as a kid playing The Last Stand on Newgrounds 13 years ago. With some polished mechanics and responsive gunplay, as well as its mature theme, it effortlessly stood out amongst a lot of other throwaway flash games. I kid you not, but as I went to find the link to the original game for this article, I lost a good 20 minutes, uh, researching why the game was so much fun.

It is why I am pleasantly surprised to see that the studio responsible for it, Con Artist Games has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel. This time, they plan to release on Steam depending on how well the Kickstarter does.

The original game was split between two sections, where at night, you had to defend your shelter, and during the day, had to allocate hours to either scavenge for weapons, find survivors or fix your barricade in a mini-management game. The game was notorious for being challenging, where one wrong decision could reset your days-survived progress.

The sequel, Union City, took things a bit further and transformed the game into an Action-RPG, giving you a lot more stats and elements to manage. It had the same responsiveness and atmosphere, so it was also a success. There was even an MMO-Esque third outing, Dead Zone. All in all, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call The Last Stand series one of the better zombie survival games.

Aftermath looks to take the best elements of the previous entries, and turn it into a fully active zombie-survival game, requiring players to scavenge, hunt, and defend in real-time. It also throws at you enemies both basic and deadly that are a staple of this genre. Aftermath looks to keep the series’ Roguelite identity, making death a crucial part of the overall gameplay loop.

Con Artist Games is looking for £39,000/$50,000 in crowdfunding to be able to complete the game. A minimum of $20 gets you the game on launch if the campaign is successful, and the more generous of you are able to get your memorial in-game for a $1000. There aren’t any sort of stretch goals in the campaign, but hopefully, if the project does well, these will come later.

If you are interested, be sure to check the game’s Kickstarter Page or their official website.

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