As it’s impossible for one man to do everything (However talented), I’m stepping on to assist with writing and some other stuff here at As We Play. My name is probably at the top of this article, but I’ll put it here as well so we can be sure that no one has stolen this scoop of a story.

My name is Johnathan Massey, I’m currently teaching at a college in England and working on some side projects that may even see the light of day at some point! I studied Game Design at University for Six years, which is where I met our Editor-in-Chief, Haris Iqbal.

At University, I focused on Design and Narrative Design, so nothing gets me more excited than an unusual or interesting story. My love for storytelling and Narrative Design stems from the Mass Effect trilogy, which holds a special place in my heart. 

I also harbour a deep love for indie games, mainly RPGs, Rogue-Lites and turn-based strategy games. Some of my favourite titles include: Enter the Gungeon, Stardew Valley and XCOM: Chimera Squad. Currently I’m super into Rimworld and Star Renegades, whilst dabbling in Among us with my friends (As many of us are right now).  

So that’s me, can’t wait to bring in some quality content!


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