From some of the early impressions we have been hearing from our friends at different outlets, When The Past Was Around does not look like a game you should miss out on.

The game follows Eda, a young woman in her 20s who is lost on a journey to fulfill her dreams and find true love. Everything finally connects when she meets Owl, an enigmatic violinist she grows attached to. However, fate often has different plans, making their memories bittersweet.

The game features a unique setting hand drawn by the popular Indonesian artist, Brigitta Rena who helps Mojiken bring to life the fantastical world without the use of words. Its gameplay is unique in that regards and everything is visually shown than told as players solve different puzzles, unravelling the secrets between Eda and her lover.

It has been developed by Mojiken Studio and features an award-winning soundtrack that you should give a listen. The game is now available on Steam, with a free prologue available for those interested in trying it out first.

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