Some speculations were going around the past few days that IO Interactive was looking at renewing legal details related to Freedom Fighters, whilst some believed this might mean a sequel announcement is inevitable, others thought that we were getting a remake.

Sadly, whilst we are not getting a brand new Freedom Fighter just yet, we are getting the original game on GOG and Steam, making it available through official digital channels after 17 years! The game comes with the soundtrack on both platforms and is available for only £7.52/$9.89 whilst it is on sale (down from £11.39/$14.99).

If you are fans of third-person shooters, then be sure to try out this genre-defining game that was critically acclaimed when it first launched in 2003, following the story of Chris Stone, a plumber that rises through the ranks of a resistance to become their leader. Hopefully, this will lead to newer entries in the series or even a big remake by IO Interactive, who are currently busy with their final chapter of Hitman.

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