Take on the existential Journey of the Broken Circle on this puzzle-oriented platformer that reflects on human need for relationships and their accompanying emotions. It is something that fans of games like Thomas Was Alone might like.

The game follows a small circle yearning to become whole. As it rolls through a wondrous and hazardous land, it encounters a series of other shapes with unique personalities and skills that can help it tackle its personal and existential obstacles.

It is now available on Steam and Switch, costing only €8 / $10 / £7.20, something that feels a bit justified seeing how pleasing the game looks, and especially for the subject matter it looks to handle. What is even better is that for the next 2 days, steam owners of any other nakana.io games will be able to get switch edition for free! It will also be on iOS down the line.

Nakana.io are one of the best publishers in gaming in my opinion, as they always publish games that have an impactful message behind them. Through their games, they have managed to help out various NGOs both for Nature and Refugees. So be sure to check out their website! The game was developed by Lovable Hat Cult.

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