Bloober Team’s psychological thriller which stars the late Rutger Hauer is soon coming to the next-generation of consoles and PC, bringing with it various visual and gameplay enhancements only possible on next generation hardware.

Observer Redux will add support for new visual features, such as 4K resolution, upgraded textures, new animations, models, and effects, all transformed with ray-tracing and HDR lighting.

On top of the visual enhancements, the redux edition will also get three new major missions: Errant Signal, Her Fearful Symmetry, and It Runs in the Family, as well as updated character models, and new locations. 

The kind thing Bloober is doing, however, is that rather than charging you a next-gen price for the game, they have decided to keep it at what the original game launched as, making it available for everyone at only $29.99/£24.99.

Observer Redux will be available on the PC where it is 10% off to pre-order, as well as Xbox Series X on the 10th of November, with the Playstation 5 getting it on the 12th, coinciding with its launch. It is developed by Bloober Team, who is also working on The Medium.

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