It is always great to see videogames that highlight different parts of the world, and showcase their unique cultures! Raji: An Ancient Epic is one that looks to be doing just that!

The game follows the titular protagonist as she goes on an epic quest to save her brother amidst a war. Gifted with various weapons by the gods, Raji and the players will have to defend the human race in this action game.

The game had originally released on the Nintendo Switch, where critics praised its fun and addictive combat. Luckily, more players will now get to try out the game for themselves when it releases on the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One on the 15th of October. For those who are eager to test the game, can do so via a demo on Steam.

The game has been developed by Nodding Head Games, who are currently based in Pune, India and Raji is their first official game.

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