We all love to hear great stories from people we know, both real and fantastical. It’s not only a sharing of tales, but also the emotions both exciting and poignant behind them, connecting us more to each other.

Welcome to Elk seems to cherish that facet of our interaction, and presents to players the fictional world of Elk, which has been stitched together from stories of strangers both real and tall like the game director’s own brother, Lauge, who recalls tales of living in Greenland and rural California, almost smuggling diamonds in India and making friends with someone who died three times. Then on the contrasting end, you have someone pouring their heart out as they recall the sombre death of a close family member.

On top of that, the game also features a striking artstyle that radiates some Wes Anderson vibes, something that’s always a plus in my book. The game was also the recipient of a Story Award from Mixtvision during indie arena booth in 2019, with one for Most Creative Game from Play Festival, the same year.

Welcome to Elk will be available on PC via Steam, and on the Xbox One today, and will follow a newly arrived Frigg as she quickly gets enthralled by the local tales after wrongly thinking that a small time life would be boring. It has been made by developers Triple Topping, who are known for their eccentric artstyle in games.

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