I still can’t believe we are not getting the final chapter of Adam Jensen’s Deus Ex trilogy soon, but luckily in the mean time, there will be fantastic looking games like Foreclosed to tide me over, something that feels even more impressive when you realise it’s only being made by 2 person, husband and wife team, Antab Studio.

Foreclosed is a unique third person shooter inspired by the likes of Deus Ex, Max Payne, and Frank Miller’s Hard Boiled. It takes place in a futuristic Cyberpunk setting where players will be able to utilise unique weapons such as a modifiable Symbiote Pistol and abilities like mind-jack in order to escape a dangerous city.

A release date has not been fully confirmed yet, but plans are to release the game sometimes in 2021 for PC, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch. The game can now be wishlisted on Steam.

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