Eremite Games has just announced that not only has their rogue-lite city builder Against the Storm just qualified for the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase finals, but that they have released a limited time demo for the game as well, allowing players to try out the unique building mechanics of the game.

Against the Storm takes place in a world ravaged by never ending rain, where players have to take care of humans, lizards and beavers, the last of the species on earth to survive. In the demo the players will be tasked with taking care of them whilst trying to keep the queen happy.

I think it’s an interesting mix of Rogue-Lite and City Building, something we don’t get to see everyday. The developers mentioned they’re targeting 30% Rogue-Lite and 70% city building.

Eremite plans to make the game available on GOG and Steam in 2021. The demo as mentioned is now available on steam, and if you like the game, be sure to vote for it in the Digital Dragons Indie Showcase.

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