Paper Beast was a unique game when it originally released with a VR requirement, giving players control of a fantastical world, that had physics based gameplay components and a simulated eco-system full of unique wildlife for players to manipulate. Fortunately, the game will now be accessible to a lot more players with its upcoming Folded Edition.

Folded Edition not only includes all the updates released for Paper Beast thus far, but will also feature reworked controls that have been optimised from the ground up for Controllers, Keyboards and Mouse. Visuals will also be getting an update with a reworked lighting system.

The gameplay is rather unique for Paper Beast, as it tasks players with looking after exotic creatures, protecting them from both predators and natural elements with the help of some powerful tools that help shape the world around them. The game also includes a sandbox mode that lets you further have fun with the tools available in game.

Some of you like me, might think the gameplay sounds a bit familiar, as the founder of Pixel Reef had originally worked on a similarly powerful sandbox game From Dust for Ubisoft. From Dust was groundbreaking at the time, allowing you to take care of its worlds’ inhabitants by sculpting the terrain around them in order to manipulate the elements.

Paper Beast: Folded Edition will be available for the PC via Steam on the 20th of October, both on its own ($16.99), and as a bundle with the original VR version ($19.99). The VR version is also currently purchasable separately on Steam.

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