Recently we mentioned that Elsewhere Experience’s Broken Promise will have a pacifist mode that removes combat from the core experience of the game. It is an interesting omission that we have no doubt will be helpful to a lot of players!

Similarly, we have just seen that This is the Zodiac itself will include a story mode! Whilst there are some games like Eidos’ excellent Deus Ex series that have a “story mode”, they usually tend to be modifiers that make the combat and the game itself overall easier.

However, the story mode here is a bit different, and rather than just lowering the difficulty of combat or stealth encounters, it removes enemies entirely! This will hopefully mean that more players will get to enjoy the game.

However, I am a bit cautious as even though this mode is definitely beneficial towards its accessibility, it is yet left to be seen how it changes the design of the game, especially if the main gameplay loop relies on a certain feature to be engaging, by removing which it might feel as if part of the experience is missing.

Still, we should hopefully know more once the game comes out this fall on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Mac. This first-person thriller-adventure will follow journalist Robert Hartnell as he gets entangled in the gruesome mystery of the Zodiac Killer after recieving his confession call.

One thought

  1. I love having options and look forward to more games that consider players that may want the story, but not the action. As a senior player it can be a challenge to be quick enough.


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