The Origin: Blind Maid is a bit different than most horror games, where we usually see innocents get trapped in a nightmare they have no control over. However, in The Origin, you don’t play as someone innocent at all!

The Origin places you in the shoes of a corrupt politician who is on the run from the law, attempting to cross the Paraguayan Chaco, in order to escape to Brazil. However, an evil much more ancient than him resides in the Gran Chaco, prowling to kill anything that dares disturb her domain, an evil only known as The Blind Maid.

From the press release, The Blind Maid is painted to have a tragic past which has led her to turn into the horror she is today, and only through playing the game’s 5 chapters will players know more about her. However, she isn’t the only enemy the players will face, as the Karai Vosa, a group of deformed ghosts will also stop at nothing to rip the protagonist to shreds.

The most interesting part about the game is perhaps that it follows the mythology of a region very few know, especially those of South American descent. This will hopefully give the Paraguay based developers, Warani Studio a chance to show something fresh, who will be joining with Badland Publishing to make their game a reality.

The game will have elements of stealth and combat that the players must utilise in order to survive, and will be episodic in nature. The Origin: Blind Maid is currently planned for the PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch early 2021.

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