Here is a much welcome news regarding the next generation of consoles, as it looks like Borderlands 3 will not only be getting the next gen treatment for the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X, but will be doing so completely free for those who already own a copy of the game on the current gen consoles.

The next gen versions will offer 4K resolution with 60 FPS support in singleplayer, allowing you to play the frantic action-rpg shooter in the ideal format. It is not yet known exactly how the multiplayer modes will differ or what they will benefit from, and if there will be extra added support such as Ray-Tracing.

No release date was given with the tweet, but it should be sometimes after the consoles’ launch. We already know that the next gen Xbox consoles are out on Nov 10, with pre-orders starting on the 22nd of September.

It’s only Sony who has yet to reveal their cards, but they have just announced the date of their next presentation this coming Wednesday, where many hope we will get to see the release date and the pricing of a PS5.

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