It has just been announced that the psychological horror, point-and-click action game Strangeland will be published by Wadjet Eye Games, who are well-known for their involvement in various acclaimed adventure titles.

Strangeland follows a classic point-and-click adventure format, with a strong narrative setting that sees players in a twisted carnival, habitated by equally twisted characters such as a mismade mermaid and an eyeless scribe. It harkens back to the setting and atmosphere of games like Sanitarium, and to an extent Grim Fandango from what we can see.

Throughtout the estimated five hours of replayable gameplay, players will be treated to non-linear puzzle solutions, a breathtaking selection of pixel art, and an eccentric cast supported by professional voice over artists with hours of original music.

Those who like to see how a game is made will also be pleased to know that Strangelands comes with hours of developer commentary, and on screen annotations that delve deeper into the references stitched throughout the game.

Strangeland is a spiritual successor to Primordia and is currently in development at Wormwood Studios. It will be available on the PC via Steam, sometimes in early 2021.

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