Wartile, a unique tabeltop inspired game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. At the moment, it is currently only available on PC with optional DLCs to purchase. The Switch version however, will launch will all DLCs included.

Wartile was originally a kickstarter project that was suspended by the developers, who opted to spend more time on the game, ultimately releasing it on the PC in early 2018. In fact we even interviewed the developer during the early stages over at Push Start Play.

Wartile is a strategy game that is played on a virtual tabletop, utilising befitting VFX, camera effects and strategic turn based gameplay to bring a classic tabletop experience to life unlike anything before.

Wartile will be available for Nintendo Switch on the 24th of September, and will include the game’s DLC, giving player’s the complete experience. It is a game by Playwood Studios, published by Deck13.

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